Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Photo by Henri Cartier Bresson

(Left: Bresson photo; Right: Mad Men)

All of us interns have expressed a love for the stylish and era accurate AMC show, Mad Men. Upon seeing the new Henri Cartier Bresson exhibition for the first time (which is BEAUTIFUL) Jen, Mary H. and I noticed a few photos that looked as if they could have been taken right on the Mad Men set. Errr... I suppose since Bresson came first, Mad Men just looks authentic enough to have been in one of Cartier Bresson's photos.

In order to show our love for the show and the Cartier Bresson exhibit we interns decided to dress the part for one of our last days here on the job. It wasn't easy finding late 50's early 60's clothing options in our contemporary wardrobes, but I think we managed to put together some pretty snazzy outfits.

All the ladies in front of Gerhard Richter's 1965 - "Woman Descending the Staircase"

Mary D. and I in front of David Hockney's 1968 - "American Collectors"

Sandy and David by Alex Katz's 1969 - "Vincent and Tony"

My personal favorite photo - all of us in front of Rothko's 1953 - "Untitled (Purple, White and Red)." If you've seen Mad Men you may remember the Rothko in Cooper's office - here is our verision of that scene.

I think today pretty much sums up our experience as Museum Ed interns - meshing good art with good pop culture references to make the museum experience accessible to everyone.

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