Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Case of the Jinxed Intern Pair

Sad interns - Mary D. and Adrienne (me)

This week was supposed to be our second week of touring real student groups after our intense and nerve racking mock-tour presentations. Most of the interns were able to try out a new tour theme, introduce different works to eager young eyes and most importantly, get the experience under their belts that would prepare them for giving solo tours. Most interns have had this luxury. Unfortunately, Mary and I have not.

For the third time this week, our tour was canceled.

We spent last week and the weekend preparing our new, exciting tour themed: "EXTRAORDINARY TRANSPORTATION!"(to be said in a British accent). We were anxious to try it out and talk about new pieces but the week had other plans in store for us:

Tuesday - The scheduled school group tried to call during the 4th of July holiday weekend - needless to say we didn't get the message until Tuesday morning. 'That's fine,' we thought, 'We'll just have more time to make this tour even more EXTRAORDINARY.'

Wednesday - After waiting in the studio for 20 minutes, the school group called Gianna to let her know they would not be able to make it. Gianna, Mary and I were not happy. Mary and I began to take it personal and ideas of capes, puffs of smoke and British accents started to trickle into our tour plans - 'They'll be sorry for missing THIS tour!'

Thursday - All of the interns were stood up as we waited on a group of 80 students who did not show up until 11:30. The tours are supposed to end at 11:30. Our bad luck jinxed the entire group - my sincere apologies to everyone else. Our EXTRAORDINARY tour has still not embarked on it's maiden voyage - fears that it may be too ordinary have started to creep in.

Barye "Roger and Angelica Mounted on a Hippogriff"

Things learned:
1) Don't disrespect the interns/docents by not showing up for a tour - or you'll have Gianna to deal with. Gianna is awesome and will give a stern talking to/reprimand/not reschedule a group that does not show up without advance notice.

2) Summer groups are unpredictable - the number, age and presence of students could change at any time. Roll with it - the best part of touring is the unpredictability.

3) No group, means more tour prep time - this could be a good thing...or it could drive you crazy.

Now on our third day of unexpected free time - Mary and I are left to do even more research on the tour that never was and I will prepare for my adult tour tonight at 5:30 - assuming that my bad luck has not reached the adult audiences of the Art Institute. If so, I may be giving a private Highlights of the Modern Wing tour to a few lucky interns who don't mind staying a little after work.

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